West Kootenay Animal Hospital

The Challenge

West Kootenay Animal Hospital is a well-known and loved veterinarian clinic in Trail, BC. But despite their friendly and expert care of our furry companions, their digital image lacked the warmth and professionalism they are known for. The absence of a distinctive brand identity and assets also undermined their ability to connect with their clientele effectively. They requested our help, and we happily stepped up to the challenge.

We Provided

  • Brand Refresh

  • Brand Guidelines
  • Responsive Website Design
  • Website Development
  • UX (User Experience) Design
  • Advance Mobile Responsiveness
  • Website Maintenance
  • Art Direction & Consulting
  • Asset Sourcing

Brand Refresh

While retaining the existing but undefined brand elements, our plan was to refresh, expand and weave together a cohesive brand identity that would radiate warmth, friendliness and professionalism. Having brand guidelines to follow takes the guesswork out when creating content. It empowers the hospital staff to quickly create on-brand posts and advertisements that look professional.

Compassionate, friendly care
for the family pet.

The Website

Prioritizing user experience, we aimed to redesign the website for greater intuitiveness and ease of navigation. Lots of small details were added, like the news ticker, to help inform the clientele of important updates and the social media feed to connect both platforms. With the new and improved design, client engagement has increased by 70%. Significant changes were also made on the administration side. These changes have allowed the hospital staff to quickly and efficiently add new posts, pages and edits without having any coding experience.

Client engagement has increased by 70%

Mobile Responsive Design

The team at WKAH recognized the benefits of our Advance Mobile Responsive option. This will ensure their clientele receives the best viewing experience on any device and help them stand out from the competition.


We are very happy with the services provided from Ello Design to completely re-design and improve our company website. Darren provided exceptional support to our team from a design and user interface perspective.

Laina Whitta