BC, AB, QC, ON, MB, NS, NB, PE, NL and SK can receive FREE print design with Ello FLIP-SIDE


Free print design



Our free print design service for returning customers. With FLIP-SIDE, Ello will design your business card, brochure and other printed items for free, and we’ll give you the working design files to boot. Catch Ello on the FLIP-SIDE!


How Ello services work - Ello Design, your local Kootenay logo designer, graphic designer, website designer & printer.

How it works

Ello will spend up to 8 hours designing your print project for free! At $85 per hour, that’s up to $680 in savings for each item you need to be printed; wow! Maybe you need some new marketing materials? We can design those. What about some new business forms? We can help with those as well. Keep reading to see if your print project qualifies!


Free print design with Ello FLIP-SIDE and how your printing project can qualify.

How to qualify

It’s easy. Generally, your project qualifies if we can print it, and it’s something you plan on re-ordering from us in the future!


Printing quotes and print design estimates with Ello FLIP-SIDE.

How much $

You’ll receive a design estimate and a printing quote before we start.



Your project will proceed like any other design project with Ello. You’ll work one-on-one with a designer, collaborating to bring your project vision to life.


Ello FLIP-SIDE Provides FREE print designs to businesses in Kamloops & Kelowna BC and other Communities throughout the BC Interior & beyond.

The nitty gritty

Is it free design? Yes, but not at first. I know, I know, keep reading, and we’ll explain. First, you pay for the FLIP-SIDE design hours we use to design your project. Then each time you re-order the printing, we’ll apply a 10% discount until all the FLIP-SIDE design hours you paid for are re-paid to you in savings. To learn more, read the following example.


Ello FLIP-SIDE Example of how our free print design service works.


Say you need a presentation folder designed, and it takes Ello 4 FLIP-SIDE design hours to finish. At $85 per hour, that’s $340 in free design! Next, you need 2500 of these printed, which generally costs $2000. When we apply the 10% FLIP-SIDE discount, your printing costs are reduced to $1800, you just saved $200! So now only $140 remains from your original design payment of $340. When you re-order this item again in the future, we’ll apply another discount. So, in this case, after only two print orders, your original design payment was re-paid back to you in savings. So essentially, the design was free! Ready to start? Tell us about your project! Have more questions? Check out our FAQs below.

Quick answers to FAQ’s.


Yes, Ello PARTNER-CREDITS is a great way to save money.

No. Once the free FLIP-SIDE design hours are repaid to you in savings, the 10% discount will no longer be applied.

Yes, if we can still print your item.

No, currently, we are outsourcing to our Canadian printing partners.

Yes, Ello will happily make any artwork changes you require. Unfortunately, they won’t be classed as free FLIP-SIDE design hours after the initial printing.

Please note: Any changes to the project working design files by anyone other than Ello will null and void the 10% FLIP-SIDE discount for this project.

Working with us

Apart from crafting meaningful brands and digital experiences, below are two more reasons to partner with Ello.

Ello supports local communities in BC, AB, QC, ON, MB, NS, NB, PE, NL and SK by donating 10% of our profits to our partners charity of choice with Ello HIGH-FIVE


Supporting your local community

Ello donates 10% of our profits to your favourite charity. Donate to your local hospital, food bank or any charity you choose. Together we can support and grow your community. HIGH-FIVE to that!

Save money on your website design, logo & branding, graphic design & illustration & marketing & printing projects with Ello PARTNER-CREDITS.


Partner with us and save big

At Ello, you pay what you want to pay. With lower hourly rates and priority service, a partnership has its privileges!

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