We've Rebranded!

Design Creative Media is now Ello!

Ello your local web designer, logo designer and graphic designer in the Kootenays.

Why the change?

We’ve come a long way since Design Creative Media was founded in 2015. As a company, we’ve learned a lot during our creative journey and felt that our former business name, logo and brand no longer represented who we are. We wanted a new brand identity that would differentiate us from our competitors and reflect our love for timeless design.
So our brand transformation was put in motion. Right from the start, we knew our new name needed to be short, fun and meaningful. After many ideas came and went, we finally decided upon the name Ello. It’s meaningful; it was my nickname during my youth in Australia. It’s very short, only four letters. And it’s fun in both the way it sounds and its flowing script style. Once our business name was settled, our overall brand identity and style guidelines were woven together. The final result is what you see today.
With our new brand identity in place and with all that we have learned these past few years, we feel that we’ve come into our own and found our niche: helping our partners connect with their customers through simple, clean, clear design that smartly blends contemporary and timeless.

Our goal & inspiration

Our design aesthetic is influenced by a time when craftsmanship was king and artists took great pride in their trade. Designs were handmade, and this impeccable quality still lives on today. We aim to bring back this dedication to craft in our work.


Working with us

Apart from crafting meaningful brands and digital experiences, below are three more reasons to partner with Ello.

Ello supports local communities in BC, AB, QC, ON, MB, NS, NB, PE, NL and SK by donating 10% of our profits to our partners charity of choice with Ello HIGH-FIVE


Supporting your local community

Ello donates 10% of our profits to your favourite charity. Donate to your local hospital, food bank or any charity you choose. Together we can support and grow your community. HIGH-FIVE to that!

Save money on your website design, logo & branding, graphic design & illustration & marketing & printing projects with Ello PARTNER-CREDITS.


Partner with us and save big

At Ello, you pay what you want to pay. With lower hourly rates and priority service, a partnership has its privileges!

BC, AB, QC, ON, MB, NS, NB, PE, NL and SK can receive FREE print design with Ello FLIP-SIDE


Free print design

Ello will design your business card, brochure and other printed items for free. Catch Ello on the FLIP-SIDE!